Our goals


  • Recognize and respect the values, cultures, languages, and families’ preferences for educational planning and delivery of services.
  • Provide support and services for second-language learning children and their families/caregivers and all children with special needs from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Develop Parent Programs for diverse families and inform families about the resources for children with special needs and linguistically challenged children.
  • Assist all families whose English is limited in finding and linking of special services and supports.
  • Collaborate with Pennsylvania OCDEL (Office of Child Development and Early Learning), local Early Intervention programs, local contracted Early Intervention agencies, childcare centers, schools, community organizations, and play groups to help children in their needs from bilingual/bicultural families.
  • Participate with Early Intervention teachers, therapists, and child specialists to promote the child’s development.
  • Provide Early Intervention advice, supports and services to children and their families at no cost to families.


Contact Info

Pennsylvania Diversity Children's Organization

2337 Philmont Ave, Suite 106,

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

 Tel: 267-571-2469

Fax: 267-571-2476

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