- Cooperation with Office of Child Development and Early Learning, Pennsylvania Department of Education and Public Welfare, county Early Intervention offices, ChildLink, and local agencies that support our services and help families to develop the child’s potential.

- Family connection materials to help link learning from school to home.

- Therapeutic team advices that help families to meet the child’s needs.

- HELP LINE that supports parents and children in some conflict situations regarding behavior issues.

- Home Visitation that allows observing your child in a natural environment focusing on the child’s strength.

- Intensive Reading Programs that are focused on the advanced strategies and best practice.

- Professionally developed programs and well-organized services that help children construct knowledge through daily experience.

- Flexible lesson plans that allow specialists to customize activities based on the child’s interests and special needs.

- Focus of SMART Program is on talented children who have a high level of curiosity, love of learning and self-expression.


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