Programs and services


  • THERAPEUTIC FOCUSING is an individualized program with the main goal of helping a child to develop his concentration skills. This program uses special techniques for children with ADD/ADHD. It is an 8 week program for preschoolers and elementary students. 
  • THERAPEUTIC LISTENING is a special program which helps children learn to pay attention. Developing listening skills is a main educational goal for children with ADD/ADHD. This program includes special small group activities (4-5 children) using practical tips to improve attention. It is a 12 week program which focuses on how to listen to a story or a book.
  • THERAPEUTIC MOVEMENTS WITH MUSIC is a special program which helps children to experience positive emotions while developing and improving balance and coordination. Dance teachers and physical therapist work cooperatively providing differentiated instruction to children with developmental delay, learning disabilities, and Down syndrome. 
  • THERAPEUTIC LEARNING focuses on exercises such as handwriting, drawing, and coloring. The educational goal of this program is teaching how to follow directions to help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. The main focus is learning how to learn in a small group activity. This program is recommended for children who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, and learning disabilities. It is a ten week structured program for children from 3 to 6 years old.
  • RELAXATION THERAPY includes elements of yoga and special instructions for children who have behavioral issues and sleeping problems. A special educator provides relaxation techniques for children with special needs and regular children whose parents prefer to establish a calm relaxed atmosphere for their children to support a healthy learning style.
  • THERAPEUTIC ARTS is used to help children with emotional, developmental and behavioral problems. This program helps children to concentrate and develop their own creativity. Therapeutic Arts is focused on a child’s inner world and uses creative activities to help the child express positive emotions.
  • THERAPEUTIC TEAM PROGRAM is a cooperative effort involving consultations with an occupational therapist, speech language therapist, feeding specialist, child psychologist, physical therapist, and special instructor. The family and our therapists work together to meet the child’s and family’s needs. 
  • HELP LINE is a support service for parents and their children. Behavior specialists and child psychologists are available to answer  parents’ questions.  Consultation and evaluation will be provided to children with some behavioral concerns and developmental delay.
  • INTENSIVE READING PROGRAM: READINESS FOR 1st GRADE. This is a 12 week program to help preschoolers be ready for first grade. This program supports a child’s participation in reading comprehension activities setting the foundation for strong reading skills. This best practice early reading program helps ESL students whose English is limited and who have difficulties with reading comprehension.  Our reading specialists show parents how to teach children essential reading skills.  The visual tools are an important element of this program, using differentiated instructions for little learners.
  • SMART PROGRAM (Start Making A Reader Today  for gifted children is a special program which helps to teach all children who are intellectually curious, the important concepts and skills needed in modern society by developing strong social skills, independence, and self-confidence. This program is focused on talented children with extreme intellectual abilities, and bilingual/bicultural talented children who have multiple interests and a constant need for mental stimulation. 
  • BRAIN BENDERS PROGRAM is for children who need to have activities that incorporate special strategies for developing a child’s long-term memory, short-term memory, and attention. Different mind-bending wooden puzzles are the main component of this creative program which is recommended for children with special needs as well as regular children aged from 3 to 10 years old.
  • IF YOU KNOW YOUR CHILD? Team Work Consultation helps parents to understand their child’s abilities to learn. The specialist uses the Questionnaire of Ages and Stages Assessment to determine a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Using the parent completed Ages and Stages Questionnaire and a child-monitoring process the special educator will explain the child’s age-appropriate scoring sheets. This service will help evaluate a child’s social and emotional development, and communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and personal-social skills. This service is provided for children from 1 month to 5 years old.
  • BABY COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM with Baby Einstein’s Elements is focused on using objects with different textures, sounds, and color to give parents information and ideas on how their child can play effectively with toys, and how they can help their child discover textures using the child’s own hair, cheeks, eyelashes, and ears. This program for babies and toddlers is a very stimulating program incorporating significant elements of a child’s development such as curiosity, language development, interaction, and sensory growth.


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